Norwegian Mapping Authority

Status: Valid
Updated: 12.02.2024
Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority

Details operations alert

Alert type: The system are closed down permanently

Alert date: 12.02.2024 14:28

Effective date: 01.06.2024 14:28

The alert message:

Kartverket aims to provide efficient, updated online mapping services. Due to an accumulation of such services over time, it's become cumbersome and resource-intensive to develop future-oriented services. Thus, Kartverket plans to reduce the number of services, focusing on WMS and Cache (WMTS) viewing services. The goal is to streamline from 25-30 to about 4-8 WMTS services, eliminating overlaps and enhancing service delivery. This consolidation will address most user needs.

A thorough review will adjust the WMTS services, and a new structure will be announced. Similarly, WMS services will be evaluated with stakeholders for continued secure operation. It's crucial for users to review their systems for service continuity or replacement.

For updates on services to be discontinued and alternatives, a detailed list will be provided here. For inquiries, contact Kartverket's customer center.