Eiendom REST-API for lokalisering

Status: Retired
Updated: 02.08.2022
Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority

Details service alert

Alert type: New service

Type: W3C:REST

Alert date: 02.08.2022 09:51

Effective date: 02.08.2022 09:51

The alert message:

REST API for geocoding or locating properties:
Locate where a property is located by searching with the cadastral number, return is point or area.
Search for properties near a given point, returns are properties with point, alternative area.

The data basis is Matrikkelen-Eiendomskart Teig, which is a day or more delayed from Norway's basic register of properties, Matrikkelen. See the Open-API documentation: Eiendom API - Swagger UI (geonorge.no)