Definition: The map shows the predicted distribution of general biotopes in the areas examined with video until 2019. Biotopes are areas with distinctive benthic animal communities and a similar physical environment. Each biotope usually has a unique composition of species. Which species these are is determined by the environmental conditions in the area.

Updated: 13.07.2024
Owner: Geological Survey of Norway


The species living on the sea floor is not evenly distributed, but occur in patches related to various environmental and bottom types or habitats. This distribution is important to know in order to manage the seabed in the most sustainable way.

Explanation of assessment of FAIR principles:

There have made various tests to evaluate datasets in relation to the FAIR criteria. These are our interpretations, which then assess the criteria in relation to standards and protocols used for spatial data in Norway and Europe. For more information on which calculations we use for each indicator, look at the details of FAIR assessments for each specific dataset.

FAIR-status: 78%

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