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Verification of whether the object that is reported to NRL satisfies accuracy requirements in forskrift om rapportering, registrering og marking av luftfartshinder. The accuracy requirements may vary in different versions of the regulation.  

Updated: 25/04/2022
Status: Submitted
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Also available in Norwegian
The obstacle is reported according to accuracy requirements given by §5(1) in forskrift om rapportering, registrering og merking av luftfartshinder with entry into force January 1 2023.


The obstacle has been reported before January 1 2023 without the obstacle owner having verified that the obstacle complies with the requirements given by the relevant regulation with entry into force after December 31 2022. The code value is also used for obstacles reported after January 1 2023 that do not comply with current accuracy requirements.


Showing 1 - 2 of 2 hits