Marine landscapes

Definition: The data set shows the landscape classification in the sea areas. In our mapping, landscape is defined as "large geographical areas with a visually homogeneous character”. Marine landscape mapping describes the major features of the topography on the seabed. We use an automated GIS classification following the definitions of Naturtyper i Norge (NiN, Nature types in Norway). The classification is based on bathymetry of 50 meters resolution.

Updated: 19.05.2024
Owner: Geological Survey of Norway


The landscape map is part of the nature type mapping in Norway. Good habitat maps are a premise for being able to make comprehensive plans for the use and protection of nature. Map of marine landscapes can also be used as basis for decision making in the overall land use and environmental planning, vulnerability analyses, habitat mapping etc., or as geomorphological overview map.

Explanation of assessment of FAIR principles:

There have made various tests to evaluate datasets in relation to the FAIR criteria. These are our interpretations, which then assess the criteria in relation to standards and protocols used for spatial data in Norway and Europe. For more information on which calculations we use for each indicator, look at the details of FAIR assessments for each specific dataset.

FAIR-status: 91%

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