Hydrographic survey data

Definition: Hydrographic survey data is the most detailed depth data that the Norwegian Mapping Authority, Hydrographic Service has. This data has been collected by mapping the seabed in Norwegian coastal and sea areas. Detailed depth data for large areas of the coast has been gathered using multibeam echo sounders. Only older surveys with less detailed resolution are available for other areas. Older data is being replaced regularly as new data is collected. Hydrographic survey data includes several types of depth information. The main products are point data with position and depth (.xyz), in addition to log data (.all). For more recent surveys, log data containing backscatter information and water column data (.wcd) is also available.

Updated: 22.07.2024
Owner: Norwegian Mapping Authority


Routing for submarine cables, pipelines, subsea tunnels, etc. development in sea areas or the coastal zone. Different types of thematic map. Petroleum activity. Modelling of sea currents, sea level rise, marine contamination, etc. Fishing and aquaculture. Mapping of seabed conditions, marine vegetation, conservation areas, etc. Emergency response, search and rescue. Archaeological surveys. Please send an email to sjodata@kartverket.no for all communication and to order hydrographic survey data.

Explanation of assessment of FAIR principles:

There have made various tests to evaluate datasets in relation to the FAIR criteria. These are our interpretations, which then assess the criteria in relation to standards and protocols used for spatial data in Norway and Europe. For more information on which calculations we use for each indicator, look at the details of FAIR assessments for each specific dataset.

FAIR-status: 55%

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