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The WMS service shows the depth conditions in Norwegian sea areas as shadow relief with resolutions of 5 m, 25 m, 50 m. The data on the map is scale-dependent and more details are shown when one zooms into the map. If you zoom into the map, this will automatically take you to 50-meter resolution, then on to 25 meters and – if the data is detailed enough – down to a 5-meter resolution between depth points. There are 5 meter and 25 meter grids, but only outside the territory boundary (12 nautical miles) as data within the territorial boundary is classified by the Norwegian Armed Forces. The very few areas, which have been released by the Norwegian Armed Forces, are exempted from this. The shadow relief is derived mainly from regular grids (terrain models), which are based solely on modern multibeam surveys. The dataset has best coverage in the areas in Northern Norway where the Norwegian Mapping Authority Hydrographic Service and partners have carried out hydrographic surveys over the past few years. The dataset also has some coverage in Central Norway and will be extended as new hydrographic surveys are carried out and terrain models are produced for the seabed.

Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority

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Updated: 2/22/2020 3:35:12 AM

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