Hiking and outdoor recreation routes

This dataset shows hiking and outdoor recreation routes in Norway. The dataset includes hiking routes, ski trails, bicycle routes, other hiking routes and adaptation measures in outdoor recreation areas. The data can be used in processes according to the Planning and Building Act (municipal planning and case management, e.g. building applications) in municipalities, for analyses, reporting, lookups and visualisation of hiking routes for the planning of hiking.

Status: Submitted

Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority

Owner: Norwegian Mapping Authority

Version number 1

Updated: 8/18/2019 4:08:20 AM


This data must act as a tool for the municipality for case management, planning and reporting, ensuring good administration of outdoor recreation areas by providing important basic information for efforts to map and value outdoor recreation areas and acting as important basic information for work on municipal path and trail plans, ensuring good mapping data for rescue activities and callouts and acting as a basis for derived outdoor recreation products. When data is gathered in a national database, all users of the dataset will have the same starting point that can form a basis in other products. The dataset is suitable as a basis at all levels of planning and building work; in national plans, county, regional and municipal plans, building projects, RAV analyses and impact assessment. The geometry in particular is important to indicate where hiking routes and trails run. In addition, attributes such as special route type, route type and route importance can indicate more about the kind of route and/or trail registered.

Theme: Outdoor activities

In scope of Inspire Directive: No

DOK according to KMD-definitions: Yes

In scope of Norway digital agreement: Yes

Land-use plans subject to law (PBL): No

In scope of the Geodata Act: Yes


DOK-status: Proposal

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Updated: 8/18/2019 4:08:20 AM

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