Rock and mountain slides hazard zones

This product is a result of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's takeover of governmental administration responsibility for landslides in 2009. The service is intended as an instrument that will make it easier to gain an overview of unstable rock sections and associated consequences. Hazard and risk mapping is carried out by the Geological Survey of Norway on behalf of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. How the follow-up of the unstable rock sections and hazard zones should be followed up with monitoring and in land use planning is described in Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate report 77/2016: Fare og risikoklassifisering av ustabile fjellparti. Two databases have been established for distributing the mapping and hazard areas. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's database distributes hazard zones for run-out areas and tidal/tsunami waves, as well as potential damming areas and downstream flooding as a result of dam break, where appropriate. The Geological Survey of Norway database focuses on the geological data, including displacement measurements. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's mapping is aimed primarily at existing development. When identifying and prioritising areas in need of continuous monitoring, emphasis is therefore placed on where people live and spend time within areas that are potentially at risk of landslides and areas that will be affected by tidal waves/tsunamies or damming/dam break as a direct consequence of a rockslide. The database is a product of the mapping and the hazard and risk classification that have taken place. Together, this should provide a basis for assessment of measures in the form of monitoring with the aim to provide notification of future rockslides, hence preventing the potential loss of human lives. Mapping provides important information on the degree of danger as a basis for spatial planning.

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The primary target group is municipal and private land use planners and case managers at municipal, regional and governmental level who work with emergency response, land use planning and building applications. The maps provide an important foundation for the work of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate in terms of monitoring, spatial planning, landslide prevention and general emergency response. The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate accepts no liability for damage or injuries due to errors in data and incorrect use of data.

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Updated: 4/9/2020 4:19:39 AM

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