Reindeer husbandry - autumn grazing areas

The seasonal land use is divided into five seasons, which in turn are divided into two categories according to function and grazing intensity. Autumn pastures are areas used by reindeer in the autumn. There are two autumn pasture categories. Autumn pasture 1: Mating land – the parts of the autumn area where the bull reindeer gather together doe herds for mating during the rutting season. Autumn pasture 2: Early grazing land – plots where reindeer build themselves up following problems with insects and spread out in search of mushrooms. The use of pastureland will vary from year to year within the same area. The classification system is applicable to reindeer husbandry all over the country. The annual variations in factors such as weather and pasture conditions means that the delimitation of the seasons has to be somewhat broad and approximate.

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The area boundaries are indicative as information for the reindeer industry, public administration, the planning authorities and developers. The content of the datasets is not binding for future use. Reindeer husbandry data is important when assessing the location of elements such as reading facilities, power lines, wind farms and hydroelectric power stations, mineral activities, cabin construction, roads and infrastructure, development of recreational activities and planning of military exercises. The reindeer industry and other industries involving livestock on outfield pastures must be adjusted to suit one another.

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