National database for ground investigation (NADAG)

Status: Submitted

Definition: National database for ground investigations (NADAG) shows borehole (points) where ground surveys are carried out. NADAG includes geotechnical data (boreholes) and has a view service for this. The services NADAG offers are free. Where raw data or reports are linked to the survey point, this can be downloaded free of charge. The information associated with each data point varies and partly depends on the format of data are passed on. There have been no attempts to correct errors in the data sets. NADAG and contributors are not responsible for the individual's use of the data sets. Use of data must be referenced to data owner.

Updated: 24.09.2023
Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority
Owner: Geological Survey of Norway


We want NADAG to be as complete as possible, with borehole data from all actors who order or perform geotechnical basic research. This will provide municipalities and other actors with a quick and up-to-date overview of geotechnical research conducted in a given area. This will be useful as a tool in area planning, development and resource management. Rapid access to data on the underground will be crucial in case of accident / natural damage. In addition, information about where surveys have been conducted could reduce the need for new investigations and prevent duplication. By collecting the basic surveys in Norway, this will be a long step forward in building an understanding of the basic conditions in three dimensions. The solution ensures a similar structuring (harmonization) of data.

Theme: Geology

In scope of Inspire Directive: No

DOK according to KMD-definitions: Yes

In scope of Norway digital agreement: Yes

Land-use plans subject to law (PBL): No

In scope of the Geodata Act: Yes

Mareano: No

Ecological Base Map: No

Modellbaserte vegprosjekter: Yes


DOK-status: Proposal

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Updated: 9/24/2023 4:26:06 AM

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