Possibility of marine clay

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Definition: Possibility of marine clay is based on Quaternary (superficial deposit) maps in different scales and data set for marine limit. Superficial deposit surface types below marine limit are classified according to the possibility of finding marine clay and can be roughly divided into six classes. The map service 'Possibility of marine clay' ('Mulighet for marin leire') has been created as a guide to reading a Quaternary geological map. It is important to point out that the map service does not display new information in relation to the Quaternary map. It is also important to check the scale of the Quaternary map, and it should also be taken into account that the estimated marine limit may be associated with some uncertainty. For this reason, polygons, which cross or lie near the marine limit, are included in the classification. However, a hatch shows which part of these polygons lies above the marine limit, and which can therefore generally be disregarded with regard to the possibility of marine clay. Exceptions will be areas where other soil types are on top of marine clay, but then the latter will only occur below the marine limit. Data for water-covered areas are not delivered below the marine limit because the surficial deposits have usually not been mapped (even if some polygons for technical reason cross the shoreline). It should be noticed, however, that marine clay deposits are common within water-covered areas below the marine limit including new, loose sediments. See below and use above link 'Display productpage' to read more about the application including uncertainties and use (only in Norwegian).

Updated: 15.06.2024
Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority
Owner: Geological Survey of Norway


Can be used for overall screening of large areas for possible occurrence of marine clay. Other types of data may help to verify whether marine clay is present or not, such as ground drilling data.

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Updated: 6/15/2024 4:22:11 AM

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