Quick clay

The maps provide an overview of areas with a potential risk (susceptibility areas) of major quick clay slides. The zones are identified and defined by means of quaternary geological mapping (in order to identify areas with marine clay), geotechnical assessment of topography and basic geotechnical surveys. The zones include only trigger areas for quick clay slides (areas that may slip out), not run-out areas (areas that may be affected by slide masses). The quick clay zones identified are classified in three hazard level classes (high, medium and low hazard level) on the basis of topographic, geotechnical and hydrological criteria. The zones are also classified in three consequence classes (high, medium and low consequence class) depending on the consequences of a landslide in the zone on buildings and infrastructure. The zones are then classified into five risk classes, derived from the hazard level and consequence classifications.

Status: Submitted

Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority

Owner: Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

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Updated: 4/8/2020 4:15:29 AM


The dataset is primarily meant for risk assesment for quick clay slides in land use planning for municipal plans. The dataset also forms the basis for municipalities, land owners, developers and others to avoid actions which can initiate quick clay slides, and where special precautions have to be made. The identified quick clay zones show only areas with the potential of major quick clay slides(difference in height 15m or more). Zones prone to quick clay slides can be found outside the identified zones at risk. In all areas with marine clay deposits, special precautions have to be taken against potential quick clay slides. The subject is covered in NVE report "Flaum og skredfare i arealplaner", NVE instruction manual "Vurdering av områdestabilitet ved utbygging på kvikkleire og andre jordarter med sprøbruddegenskaper” and instruction manual to "Regulations om technical requirements for construction works" (TEK17).

Theme: Crisis management

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Updated: 4/8/2020 4:15:29 AM

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