Cultural heritage - Security zones

Paragraph 6 of the Cultural Heritage Act describes security zones accordingly: "Around an automatically protected monument or site as described in Section 4 a zone shall extend from the visible or known perimeter as far as necessary to protect it from disturbance as described in Section 3, first paragraph. The area shall be delimited in each case by the authority appointed under the Act. Until an area as described in the first paragraph has been specifically delimited, it shall comprise a zone extending 5 metres from the visible perimeter of the monument or site." The security zone is meant to protect the automatically protected monuments’ integrity and placement in the landscape, and prevent encroachment and irreversible destruction as described in the Cultural heritage act, section 3, first paragraph. The security zone is part of the automatically protected monument or site, and will be considered as such in questions of permits.

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Municipalities must consider cultural heritage when working with planning, whether it is zoning, municipal master plans or cultural heritage plans, etc. Municipalities must be aware of identified archaeological monuments and sites. Automatically protected cultural heritage sites and monuments that are to be protected through municipal plans must be marked as consideration zone D in planning maps. The sites’ and security zones’ boundaries and extent should be used for this purpose. Protected buildings must be identified when working with municipal planning, as they are subject to processing according to the Cultural heritage act.

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