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A site is a delimited area that contains one or several cultural heritage monuments or objects. The site is usually defined by physical barriers or the total physical extent of its monuments or objects. As an example, a site may be a grave-field, while the cultural heritage monuments are made up of the burial mounds or barrows. For post-medieval cultural heritage, such as building protected by individual orders, the site might be the farmyard, while the cultural heritage monuments and objects are the buildings and perhaps parks or gardens in connection to these buildings. A site which contains automatically protected monuments will itself be considered protected. Any site must have at least one monument or object, but could potentially have an unlimited number of monuments and objects, within its delimitation.

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The municipalities must take archaeological cultural heritage into consideration when developing all kinds of plans. The municipalities need to take into consideration archaeological cultural heritage, as well as post-medieval cultural heritage that is protected through individual order or regulation. Automatically protected cultural heritage objects that are covered by municipal planning must be marked as protected zone D in the maps. In building matters it is important to take into consideration protected buildings and their surroundings. This dataset also contains buildings and other cultural heritage objects that are protected according to the Plan and building act, or that are considered important cultural heritage objects by municipalities. This allows for a comparative use of the data.

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Updated: 4/8/2020 4:15:24 AM

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