FKB-AR5 (Land resource map 1:5.000) - Forest site class

Forest site class defines a land type according to it's timber productivity. Classes are: Very high; High; Medium; Low; Non-productive; Not relevant; Not known. Forest site class is a valid attribute for the following land types: Forest; Peat bog. The national land resource database (AR) classifies the land cover of mainland Norway according to its suitability for agriculture and natural plant production. National land resource datasets are available at scale 1:5.000 (AR5), 1:50.000 (AR50) and 1:250.000 (AR250). AR5 is a national, seamless land resource database. The dataset describes land resources (mainly land cover and productivity) based on a standardized national classification system with 104 classes. Special attention is given to the suitability of land for agricultural and forest production. Substantial areas of Norway are above the tree line. These areas are only mapped as “not classified” in AR5. Areas above the tree line have been mapped in AR50. Features in AR5 are continuous areas with the same attributes assigned according to the classification criteria of AR5 with a geometric representation as polygons. The minimum mapping unit in AR5 is 0.05 hectare (500 m2) for agricultural areas, transport networks and water bodies. Furthermore 0.2 hectare (2000 m2) is the minimum mapping unit for forest, peat bogs and open areas. For urban areas the minimum mapping unit is 0.5 hectare and 2.5 hectare for perpetual snow and glaciers. The geometric accuracy for well-defined boundaries is 2 m or better. The point density is normally between 5 and 50 m. AR5 is continually updated by municipal administrations and priority is given to agricultural- and urban areas. This is an integrated part of the maintenance of the municipal geospatial database. A centralized control and editing program is carried out by NFLI with a five year turnover period.

Status: Submitted

Submitter: Norwegian Mapping Authority

Owner: Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

Version number 1

Updated: 5/29/2020 4:12:34 AM


The dataset is primarily intended for presentations in conjunction with land use planning, public management, agriculture and forestry. The dataset is suitable for geometric analysis or area statistics. The dataset is also suitable for cartographic representations at local level (1:1.000 to 1:20.000).

Theme: Agriculture

In scope of Inspire Directive: No

DOK according to KMD-definitions: Yes

In scope of Norway digital agreement: Yes

Land-use plans subject to law (PBL): No

In scope of the Geodata Act: Yes

Mareano: No

Ecological Base Map: No


DOK-status: Proposal

DOK-status date approved:

Updated: 5/29/2020 4:12:34 AM

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